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Before I tell you how you can get Sildenafil citrate to handle your impotence issues, let me mention briefly what Sildenafil citrate does in your body to allow the production of a normal erection. Sildenafil citrate is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, a medicine that causes some delay in the enzymes that intervene in the erection process, and it acts by allowing the nerves to produce enough blood flow from the brain to the penis, making an erection possible afterwards. You can actually get Viagra online from a web-based pharmacy that offers safe Viagra online with guaranteed high quality, because the fact that you are trying to get Viagra medication does not mean it has to be low quality or useless.

Whenever you are trying to get Sildenafil citrate online you have to be cautious because some online pharmacies lie to their customers but offering products that are expired or they simply do not ship out your order once they have charged your debit or credit card. Also, when you are attempting to get Sildenafil citrate online, beware of all the shipping conditions and payment options that you will have access to, such as money orders, electronic checks, door to door shipment and special packaging, as those are advantages that you will not receive from regular drugstores when you are trying to get Sildenafil citrate online.

Finally, my advice is to get some recommendations from someone that you know or your doctor before you go ahead and order from an online pharmacy and always have your prescription handy any time you are going to get Viagra generic or branded either online or at the local drugstore.